Full Plate Living Team

The Faces Behind the Blog and Weight Loss Programs

Kevin Brown

President and CEO

Kevin comes from a long line of bean counters. Although he has learned a variety of methods to disguise this, his teenage sons would be sure to set the record straight. He loves working on the money end of a non-profit where the overall objective is to be in service to people instead of maximizing profit. He's not the average bean counter. Stop by during lunch and you are sure to find him eating an orange!

Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN

Nutritionist & Author

If you want to be energized, you’ve got to hear Diana talk about the world of whole, natural, fiber-rich foods. It’s like watching teenage girls talk about Justin Bieber. You just can’t help but get excited yourself. Though her PhD in Nutrition from Tufts University is scholarly, her approach to food and eating is down to earth and fun. In our world at the Full Plate Living, she’s our resident know-it-all foodie. The fact that she makes complex nutritional data easy to understand and apply makes her the go-to person with all “is this food actually good for me” questions.

Lonnie Carbaugh, MS, LPC, NCC

Behavioral Health Counselor

After ending his affair with Little Debbie and coming to work for us, Lonnie shed 25 pounds. His success feeds his deep passion to help others make the best of their choices for sustainable weight loss. With his background in Behavioral Health, Lonnie is armed with the knowledge and understanding of why we do what we do. He makes sure principles for successful changes seeps through all of our projects to help you lose the weight and keep it off like he has.


Dan Braun

General Manager

Being the father of four kiddos, two dogs and a horse makes Dan uniquely qualified to juggle leading the Full Plate Living marketing and interactive team. Dan is enthusiastic about the opportunity to help millions of people lead more meaningful lives though the services and products the team develops. He also enjoys trying to sneak healthy foods past the ever watchful eyes of his kids.

Paul Martin

Interactive Manager

Paul didn’t invent the Internet. But he sure revolutionized how connected and efficient our office is by introducing our team to cutting edge interfaces. We figured, if he can make our experience better, why not put him in charge of making yours phenomenal? Paul now leads the growth of the Full Plate Living website and interactive ventures. On weekends you can find him peddling through Florida with his whole family on their tandem bicycle and trailer. 

Michelle Jones

Head of Content

You know that friend with pictures of last night’s dinner on her phone? That's Michelle. She's been known to bring new recipes she's trying for others to taste in the office. She adores food and loves sharing tips and tricks with others. Whether she's editing blogs, or reviewing a recipe for the site, you can be sure that she's tried it. Her favorite power-up ingredients are cherries. She's even had them on a salad.


Amy Hanus

Social Media, Customer Service

If you’re looking for something tasty and simple to eat without too much fuss, follow along with what Amy’s eating. Between all her passions of food, work, family and her farm, she likes to keep life and what’s on her plate easy. You can hear and see the love she has for our mission if you email, or chat with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have questions, she has answers.

Ricky Seiler

Relationship Manager

Ricky’s creative genius is woven into every product we develop. He’s avid about making complex ideas simple and sticky. He knows he’s on the right track when even his two teenagers think his ideas are cool. Ricky spends his time finding the most creative ways to spread the word about Full Plate Living and serve our group program facilitators. Ricky’s lunch plate may sound ordinary with beans, rice, avocado, salsa, and corn tortillas, but you’d be amazed how many different entrees we’ve seen him create. They fill his plate and keep him coming back for more.

Christine de la Cruz


Christine is that person in math class that always gets the top grade on tests. We call her our numbers whiz. No really, she’s almost as fanatical about crunching numbers as she is about playing basketball, which is why we all sleep well at night knowing that she’s keeping track of our accounting books. Since she relocated to Mexico a couple of years ago, she has fallen more deeply in love with chard and enjoys it in a variety of ethnic dishes.


Aubrey Seiler

Media Intern

Aubrey sees a studio where everyone else sees a garage. She envisions an engaging video where others might envision long paragraphs getting a point across. Her desire to transform the mundane into impactful has challenged us to keep media production in-house. And her passion to improve the wellbeing of others through her work has made her the perfect candidate for that position as our media intern.


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