4 Things Kristie Did to Lose 65 Pounds + Her 5 Day Meal Plan

Kristie lost 65 pounds

At 221 ½ pounds Kristie now weighed the same as the heavyweight champion of the world. She couldn’t believe it! She’d been struggling with weight since middle school, but this was too much. So she joined TOPS (Taking Pounds Off Sensibly) and proceeded to lose and gain the same pounds over and over again. Finally she decided, “I’m just going to be overweight and I’m fine with that.”

Then, a couple of years ago, Kristie went in for her yearly physical. When she got the results she was left feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Everything was too high...her weight, her sugar, her cholesterol, even her blood pressure. Facing a lifetime of popping pills brought her to reality. No way was she going to do that! So, she told her doctor, “Let me try to do this on my own first.”

She left knowing she had to do something. But what? For lack of a better plan she rejoined TOPS. This time a couple of friends, Billie Jean and Margie, came with her.

Once again she started losing and gaining. But this time she didn’t quit. Kristie had made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight no matter what. She didn’t care how long it took or how slow the process. Whether it was half a pound a week, a quarter of a pound a week, it didn't matter. She was going to lose weight.

Billie Jean, Margie, and Kristie started searching weight loss programs online. They came across the Full Plate Weight Loss Program. It sounded like what they needed. They introduced it to their TOPS group and everyone went through the course together. Billie Jean and Margie had immediate success. It took Kristie a little longer, but the weight started to slowly come off.

About a year later Kristie went shopping with her husband. All her life she had worn “Plus” sizes. At her heaviest she wore a size 20. But now she was ready for something smaller. She pulled a size 12 off the rack fully expecting it to fit and was shocked when it didn’t - it was too big! She asked her husband to grab a size 10. It was too big as well. The size 8 fit. She started to dance right there in the dressing room.

Kristie says, “Never would I have dreamed I would be in single digit sizes. I even told the complete stranger in the dressing room what I had done. All the way home I kept saying to my husband, ‘Do you believe it?’”

Her celebration didn’t stop there. At her yearly physical everything was in the normal range. Her weight, her blood sugar, even her cholesterol dropped from 199 to 144. She left feeling like a ballerina rather than a heavyweight.

Last year TOPS recognized Billie Jean, Margie, and Kristie for losing the most weight in their divisions. Kristie’s mom understood her daughter’s struggle, dedication and hard work. She went through the same battle back in 1998, losing 80 pounds. So, of course, she was there to cheer Kristie on.

Recently Kristie sent the staff at Full Plate Living the following email:

“I just wanted to thank you for your Full Plate Living Program. You have motivated and encouraged me to eat healthy and lose weight that I have been burdened with since high school. I am now 47. It is the only plan that I have found that works for me. Powering up the foods I eat truly keeps me fuller longer. I am also a member of TOPS. With the help of your program and the group support of TOPS, I have lost 65 pounds. I have kept the weight off for nearly a year. Thank you for what you are doing to help us on our journey.”

4 Ways Kristie Achieved a Weight Loss Mindset

Kristie didn’t just wake up one day 65 pounds lighter. A changed mindset was the key for making that happen. She accomplished this by:

  1. Focusing on people, rather than food. While losing weight Kristie noticed, that at parties, the thinner people didn’t focus on the food. They ate, but their focus was socializing with other people. That was different for her. She used to get caught up thinking: “What’s being served, is there going to be enough?” But now she focuses on the people.
  2. Accepting that there will be days when she will eat too much. She says it can be scary to have one of those days because she doesn’t want to go back to where she spent most of her life. But she channels that fear. She asks herself: “What are you going to do about this?” And then plans how she can get back on track immediately, or as soon as possible.
  3. Keeping a bowl of fruit handy. At work she cuts up fruit and puts it in a bowl in the fridge. When she’s tempted by the candy jar, she goes to the bowl of fruit instead. She even keeps a bowl of fruit at home.
  4. Planning meals ahead. She pretty much knows what her meals will be for the week. If she doesn’t plan, she winds up eating out too often or grabbing whatever she can find. Below Kristie shares a sample 5 day menu plan.

Kristie’s Five Day Full Plate Living Meal Plan

First I come up with the ideas for interesting, delicious meals for the week.

Dinner Meals for the week:

  1. Turkey and three bean chili
  2. Veggie Stir Fry
  3. Blackened Tuna and Quinoa and Veggies
  4. Whole wheat spaghetti with mushrooms, green pepper and squash
  5. White chicken chili with cannellini beans

Then I add items for lunch.

Lunches for the week:

  1. Bell Jar Salads (you can find numerous of these on Pinterest, I modify them a bit with beans and quinoa)
  2. Leftover soup (like the white chicken chili above)
  3. Steamed veggies with peanuts, white rice and a modified Chinese brown sauce (lower salt soy, etc)
  4. Avocado Delight sandwich (hearty grain bread, sprouts, avocado, slice of lower calorie good cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, light mayo)

Healthy snacks I keep on hand:

  • I always have fruit cut up in the fridge (usually raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, apples, grapes) I take a small container of this with my lunch or for a snack.
  • Popcorn (100 calorie bags)
  • String cheese with fruit (an apple/orange)

Breakfast for me is not difficult. I can power up anything. If I have cereal, I power up with walnuts and fruit. I do the same thing with oatmeal and Greek yogurt, I add in some nuts and fruit. Raspberry Greek yogurt is delicious when you mix in fruit and walnuts.


Lonnie Carbaugh

Lonnie Carbaugh, LPC, NCC,  is a Behavioral Health Counselor at Full Plate Living who has shed and kept off 25 pounds since working for Full Plate Living. He is as dedicated about walking 5 miles a day as he is about his favorite sport, baseball.