5 Secrets of My Post-Baby Weight Loss Success

Amanda's before and after picture of her weight loss success after having babies

Are you ready to hear about one of the skeletons I have hiding in my closet?

I used to carry around extra weight. But now I have a weight loss success story.

There was a time when I frowned on weight loss success stories. The ones on TV always looked so fake. And there was the assumption that it wouldn’t work for me because no one has been through what I’ve been through.

But I don’t doubt this success story.

Because it’s mine.

My weight gain-and-loss story was a roller-coaster with more ups and downs than the Kraken at SeaWorld. Maybe you’ll see similarities with your own life that will keep it from looking fake. And hopefully it will remind you that Full Plate Living can work for you, too.

Steep and Steady from the Start

I didn’t exactly start out thick.

But my grandmother had a daycare center in her home, and I learned quickly where the goodies were stashed. When I was about the age of three, I learned how to open the ice-cream freezer door, the Tupperware containers of homemade goodies, and the child safety lock to the cookie cabinet.

My weight started going up, peaking about 7 years at age 10 when combined with thick glasses and a perm, I was a rare find.

At my well-child check-up that year, my pediatrician had me bend over to check my back for scoliosis. Not having much interest in medicine at that point in my life, I thought he was checking to see how far my stomach hung down.

As I was bending over, he told my mother that if I was that size the next time he saw me, he would put me on a diet.

It was not my best year.


Puberty. Growth Spirt. An interest in dodge-ball. Whatever the reason, I never needed that diet. My weight dropped to something more acceptable.


I gained 10 pounds on one week-long cruise with my parents before I started my sophomore year of high school. And I never, ever lost it.


While in college, my clinical days lasted sometimes 12 hours. I ate a Pop-Tart for breakfast. If I got lunch late, which was almost always, the cafeteria was closed. Then I was lucky if they sold me a cold, hard, plain bagel and butter.

My weight went down all right. But it was in an unhealthy way. And therefore it didn’t last long.

Up, Up, Up

I graduated and earned a few pieces of paper to hang on my wall. Then there were some big stresses that I don’t care to elaborate on.

New job. Marriage. Cross-country move. My grandfather died unexpectedly. Divorce. Cross-country move.

I have no desire to relive my early-twenties.

Up, Down, Up

Life settled down happily. I became a workaholic and remarried.

Then came Baby Girl. Being exceptionally sick through my pregnancy while still being a workaholic kept my weight gain well within acceptable ranges.

A couple of complications at and after delivery made the pregnancy pounds melt off quickly even though my body mass positioning had changed.

But Baby Boy was different (as many people say happens.) I gained more weight and had a bigger baby.

Uh oh. This weight didn’t come off as easily. Even my grandmother kept asking why I was so large. (And they thought she had dementia!)

Down to the Finish

All this happened before “Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?” was an online program.

My husband got me the small group workbook for the program. My father-in-law and I read it through together. (I’m blessed to feel comfortable enough with my in-laws to even talk about my weight!) We were amazed and enthralled.

I started Full Plate Living, and the results were dramatic.

Every week for the first month, I watched my belly shrink. It was powerful. I was sorry I hadn’t taken pictures because I thought no one would ever believe me.

By the Numbers

After that, I started a post-partum class at the gym to strengthen my back and arm muscles and to help regain my balance. The trainer recommended I follow a 1,500 calorie-a-day diet.

Full Plate Living counts grams of fiber instead of calories.

But one weekend--three days--I counted my calories along with my grams of fiber. I thought I had chosen a bad weekend because we had a birthday party to attend, at which I indulged myself on cake. But I was wrong! I was exactly at my 1,500 calorie recommendation every day by simply counting grams of fiber.

Six months into “Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?” I had dropped a pant size. It was a start. I was still fighting baby weight.

But this past Christmas, I rocked not only a pre-pregnancy weight and pant size for Baby #2, but a pre-pregnancy weight and pant size for Baby #1!

I now wear a smaller size than I wore when I was in high school. And that’s where I’m staying.

I’ve gotten off the roller coaster! And it’s more exhilarating than when I was on it. The weight is gone for good because I now know how to make good food choices.


Amanda Martin

When Amanda is not fixin' something delicious from the week's sale produce, she's most certainly doing something fun with her three kids. Read her Full Plate story.

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