9 Delicious Sandwiches that are Surprisingly Weight Loss Friendly

9 Sandwiches Great for Weight Loss

After a lifetime of sandwiches, you’d think we would have burned out by now. After all, PBJs, and ham and cheese sandwiches have been fueling our afternoons since kindergarten. But through all the brown bags in school cafeterias and late-night snacks in dorm rooms, the sandwich has held its own. Now that you’re older and have more mealtime options, you could go for something else...but you’ve come to a realization.

You. Love. Sandwiches.

The problem is, sandwiches aren’t usually considered slimming foods. There’s all the bread, for one--plus, the cheese, the meat, the mayo…You hate to even think about losing weight if it means you have to lose your favorite lunch, too.

Relax, we’ve got you covered. Here are 9 sandwich ideas that are not only droolworthy, but also weight-loss friendly. Plus, they offer a creative, sophisticated twist on classic flavors, so they’re sure to keep your love of sandwiches alive.

9 Delicious Slimming Sandwiches

Powered Up BLT

Weight Loss Friendly BLT

Powered Up BLT - Calories: 364; Fat: 14g; Sodium: 652 mg; Carbs: 44g; Fiber: 10g; Protein: 17g

Who says a BLT has no nutritional value? This version is Powered Up with high-fiber foods-- heart-healthy avocado, antioxidant-rich tomato and cancer-fighting kale.

Why it’s slimming

Using 100% whole-wheat bread makes this sandwich more filling, because whole grains have more fiber than refined white grains. Use turkey bacon to reduce the amount of saturated fat, and take care of your heart by adding heart-healthy avocado. Instead of lettuce, try kale, which has more fiber and requires more chewing than lettuce. This allows your brain to catch up to your stomach and know when you are indeed full.


How to assemble

The Italian

Roasted Broccoli and Bell Peppers taste amazing in this grilled mozzarella sandwich

The Italian Grilled Sandwich - Calories: 409; Fat:12.5g; Sodium: 758mg; Carbs: 58g; Fiber: 11g; Protein: 20.5g

Roasted broccoli. Roasted red bell pepper. Mozzarella cheese. They’re popular in Italian cuisine and delicious in a grilled sandwich--and taste even better when that sandwich is dipped in marinara sauce.

Why it’s slimming

Because the sandwich is brimming with veggies, you can use less cheese and still feel satisfied. Using whole grain bread also adds to the fullness factor, because it has more fiber than refined white bread. And for the toasty outside? Use an olive oil spray instead of butter--this cuts the fat even more.


How to assemble

  1. Preheat oven to 400℉.
  2. Chop broccoli, slice bell pepper and place on cookie sheet.Spray with olive oil and bake for 10 minutes, or until broccoli and bell pepper start to brown.
  3. Place a frying pan on burner on medium heat.
  4. Spray one side of a slice of bread with olive oil and place in frying pan, oiled side down.
  5. Layer on roasted broccoli, roasted pepper and cheese balls.
  6. Place other slice of bread on top and spray with olive oil.
  7. When cheese starts to melt, turn sandwich over.
  8. Remove sandwich from pan when browned on both sides.
  9. Serve with ½ cup of marinara sauce.

Peanut Butter Strawberry Banana

Fresh strawberries and banana transform peanut butter sandwiches.

Peanut butter Strawberry Banana Sandwich - Calories: 473; Fat: 17g; Sodium: 107 mg; Carbs: 59g; Fiber: 13g; Protein: 17g

This fruity delicacy makes PB&J a thing of the past. Get the sweetness from freshly sliced strawberries and bananas, and enjoy the saltiness of the peanut butter even more.

Why it’s slimming

Using fresh fruit instead of jelly is a great way to make the sandwich more filling. The more satisfied you are at the end of the meal, the less likely you are to snack before your next meal. And of course, we used whole-wheat bread, which is more filling than refined white.


How to assemble

Creamy Blueberry

Fresh blueberries taste yummy with peanut butter and cream cheese

Creamy Blueberry Grilled Sandwich - Calories: 311; Fat: 15.5g; Sodium: 345mg; Carbs: 37g; Fiber: 7g; Protein: 13.5g

Sweet and tangy blueberries, salty peanut butter and velvety cream cheese transform a boring grilled cream cheese sandwich into a fancy sammie you can serve for Sunday brunch.

Why it’s slimming

Using fresh blueberries instead of jelly ensures you still hold on to the fiber, which makes this sandwich more filling. All you have to do is cook the berries in a pan to get a more jelly-like consistency. Peanut butter helps you feel sated after your meal and lowers your appetite for up to 12 hours afterwards.


How to Assemble

  1. Bring out a small saucepan and a frying pan.
  2. In the saucepan over low heat, toss blueberries until softened and gooey.
  3. Place an ungreased frying pan on burner on medium heat.
  4. Spray one side of a slice of bread with olive oil and place in frying pan, oiled side down.
  5. Layer on peanut butter and cooked blueberries.
  6. Spread cream cheese on the second piece of bread and place cheese side down on top of the blueberries.
  7. Spray outside of top bread with olive oil. Flip after 5 minutes.
  8. Use spatula to press sandwich down until it browns on the second side as well, approximately 5 minutes.

Garden Veggie

Pesto and grilled veggies make a great slimming sandwich.

Garden Veggie Toasted Sandwich - Calories: 287; Fat: 9.5g; Sodium: 451mg; Carbs: 36g; Fiber: 7g; Protein: 12g

The hint of pesto gives this veggie sandwich a little Italian flare. It’s absolutely mouth-watering, especially when the produce is fresh from a farmer’s market. If you happen upon fresh basil and a little extra time, make your own pesto for an even richer taste.

Why it’s slimming

This sandwich is packed with fiber and water from the veggies. Water and fiber contain no calories, but they help you feel full faster. The whole-wheat bread is also more weight-loss friendly than refined, white bread.


How to assemble

  1. Slice zucchini lengthwise in 4 thick pieces. Spray two pieces with olive oil and brown in a frying pan over medium heat for 10 minutes -- until brown on both sides.
  2. Toast bread in a toaster or toaster oven.
  3. Spread pesto on one slice of bread. Layer on spinach, tomato and zucchini. Top with the other slice of bread.

Hummus Veggie

Hummus and veggies make a quick slimming sandwich

Hummus Veggie Sandwich - Calories: 443; Fat: 16g; Sodium: 706 mg; Carbs: 57g; Fiber: 11g; Protein: 16g

Hummus and veggies are a sandwich lover's dream, and a cool break when the temperature is warmer than normal.

Why it’s slimming:
Hummus, a garbanzo bean spread, is high in both fiber and protein.Combined with 100% whole-wheat bread, these filling sandwich fixings will leave you feeling satisfied, even without a side dish. The veggies also pack on more fiber and water, adding bulk without more calories.


How to assemble:

Powered Up Chicken Salad Sandwich

Grapes and Veggies make this chicken salad more filling.

Powered Up Chicken Salad Sandwich - Calories: 399; Fat: 10g; Sodium: 641 mg; Carbs: 54g; Fiber: 11g; Protein: 18g

The bursts of sweetness from black grapes make this sandwich a delight. The crunchy veggies add a chunky texture that makes this sandwich anything but mushy.

Why it’s slimming

Because this sandwich is packed with veggies, it doesn’t require as much chicken salad - which is high in both calories and fat. The veggies and 100% whole wheat bread also add fiber to the sandwich making it more filling.


How to assemble

Powered Up Turkey Sandwich

Veggies and avocado make this turkey sandwich healthier

Powered Up Turkey Sandwich - Calories: 398; Fat: 14g; Sodium: 877 mg; Carbs: 48g; Fiber: 12g; Protein: 25g

There’s a reason sandwich cafes have started stocking avocado--it adds a rich creaminess to any sandwich. In this case, it pairs up perfectly with the fresh turkey slices.

Why it’s slimming

This sandwich is brimming with veggies and heart-healthy avocado. These add-ins are high in both water and fiber, which means the sandwich will be more filling—so you won’t need a mid-afternoon snack.


How to assemble

The Mex

Bean dip in a sandwich

The Mex Sandwich - Calories: 398; Fat: 15g; Sodium: 587 mg; Carbs: 58g; Fiber: 13g; Protein: 16g

If you get teased a lot about your passion for Mexican cuisine, here’s a clever way to hide your addiction--layer your usual burrito fillings in a sandwich. Delicioso!

Why it’s slimming

Beans and avocado give substance to this creamy sandwich. Using low fat sour cream ensures that the fat content is still weight-loss friendly.


How to assemble

3 Simple Rules to Creating a Slimming Sandwich

Want to eat your sandwich and still lose weight? Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Pack on the fiber. Add as many high-fiber foods as possible inside and outside the sandwich. Veggies, fruit, and beans (or bean spreads) will make the sandwich more substantial without adding a lot of calories. For a side, opt for fresh fruit or a salad instead of cookies or chips (even if the chips are baked).
  2. Always Choose Whole Grains. Be sure the label of the bread you’re using says 100% whole-wheat bread. Consuming whole grains is one tasty way to fight belly fat and lower your risk of heart disease. When you’re trying to lose weight, limit whole grains in the form of bread to 2 slices a day. If you have diabetes, or your doctor is worried about your blood sugar, choose a flourless, sprouted grain bread, like Ezekiel 4:9 breads, which won't raise your blood sugar as much.
  3. Be mindful of fat. Cheese, meat, mayo, peanut butter, pesto, and olive oil are all delicious fat sources that make our sandwiches taste good. Unfortunately, they also make the sandwiches less slimming. Peanut butter, hummus, avocado, and pesto are heart- healthy fats which also contain fiber. These types of fat are better for you, but you still have to be careful with how much you eat when you’re trying to lose weight. Stick to 1-2 servings of fat per sandwich if you want to make it slimming. For example, use avocado with turkey but leave off the mayo. Or pair avocado and hummus in another one but skip on the cheese.

Sandwich lovers can still lose weight

Sandwiches have a bad rap for a reason--they’re often packed with ingredients that cause weight gain. But you can make them slimming. Simply replace some of those weight-gaining ingredients with foods that promote weight loss--blueberries, avocado, tomatoes, even the dreaded kale.

When you consider the long list of high-fiber foods that help with weight-loss, you open up a whole new world of sandwich possibilities. Pears and walnut butter? Yup...they taste amazing. Broccoli in a sandwich? Naturally, it’s best dipped in Marinara sauce. Even asparagus can become a secret ingredient to your mouth-watering veggie-stuffed grilled cheese. The possibilities are endless. Let your taste buds be the guide and enter a whole new world of yum!


Amy Hanus

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