Add 18g of Fiber in 3 Easy Steps

Adding fiber to your diet doesn't have to be a science. Simply adding one high fiber item to each meal can up your fiber intake by 18g a day.

Check out how easy this is:

  • Breakfast: Eat one pear before you consume your usual meal. (adds 5.5g fiber)
  • Lunch: Add 1/2 cup of beans pinto, or black to your plate. (adds 7.5g fiber)
  • Supper: Have 1 cup of broccoli as a side dish. (adds 5.1g fiber)

Grand total? 18.1g. If you're already eating 12g fiber per day, you'll be up to 30g tomorrow. Play around with your food variety, and before you know it, you'll be up to 40+g a day. Jumping from 10 to 40 grams overnight will guarantee a lot of cramping and discomfort due to gas. But a gradual increase will be gentle on your tummy and your social life.

Remember, to get the most out of your fiber-rich foods, eat them first, before consuming everything else on the plate.

Bon Appetit!


Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones is head copywriter, recipe curator, makeup artist, and occasional stage hand at Full Plate Living by day, and a ridiculously happy mother of a toddler at night. You can keep up with her random musings on Twitter.  

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