The Anti Water Bottle

Snugly strapped in my seat as we descended into Love Field Airport, I couldn’t help but notice my seatmates’ water container.

“It’s a Vapur” she said.

“I travel a lot and this helps me keep my water with me and get through security.”

The containers cool factor was high enough I keyed the name into my iPhone.

The Vapur Anti-Bottle as they call it is designed to fold-and-go anywhere – easily fitting into pockets, purses and packs. The flexible, reusable Anti-Bottle also uses less energy to make and transport than traditional rigid bottles.

The folks at Vapur believe that clean tap water is the best drinking water for you, your community and the planet, so they have set out to make tap water infinitely portable, readily available and ethically sustainable.

Since staying hydrated is a key component to losing weight on the Full Plate Diet, the Vapur Anti-Bottle could be the solution to keeping water with you at all times and looking cool in the process.


Dan Braun

Dan Braun is General Manager at Full Plate Living who isn’t ashamed to admit he takes great pleasure in tricking his kids into eating healthier. In his free time Dan enjoys mountain biking and dunking on the 7 ft rim with his family.

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