Are You a Commitment Phobe?

woman holding hands out to side

About this time, your New Year Resolution might be starting to feel like the Berlin wall. February is peaking its head above the fence and you’re starting to long for greener pastures. It’s in your blood to be wild and free and not so regimented. You like to experience life. To live it.

So live. Experience. Pick something new, fun, challenging and try it for a month.

  1. If you want to eat better – Focus on trying new vegetables in February, experiment with cooking beans in March, introduce new fruit to your family in April.
  2. If you want to exercise more – Join a gym in February, sign up to do a 5k in March, learn to move to a different beat in April.


Hi. I’m Michelle. And in February I’m going to experiment with swimming twenty laps freestyle. Just typing that is making my muscles tense in anticipation.


Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones is head copywriter, recipe curator, makeup artist, and occasional stage hand at Full Plate Living by day, and a ridiculously happy mother of a toddler at night. You can keep up with her random musings on Twitter.  

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