Are You Eating Enough to Put Your Fire Out? Part 1

If you’re overweight, you’ve got a slow-burning fire going on inside your body. The more technical term for this fire is chronic, low-grade inflammation. Slow-burning fire = chronic, low-grade inflammation. So what do I mean? And how does it get there?

Fat Cells Aren’t Just Sitting Around Doing Nothing

As people gain weight their fat cells get larger. For a long time scientists thought those fatty fat cells were just sitting around doing nothing, just passively holding our extra baggage. Not so.

As these fat cells get larger, they get very busy making molecules and releasing them into our bloodstream. Lots of these molecules fuel inflammation in the body, including several inflammatory-inducing proteins.

Be a Fireman

If you didn’t want to be a fireman when you were a kid, it would be a good idea to be one now. That’s because this constant, low-grade inflammation is an important causative factor in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, insulin resistance, osteoporosis, infection, and Alzheimer’s.

How to Put the Fire Out

What’s the best way to put the fire out? You guessed it: Lose weight! But there’s another powerful fireman’s tool at your fingertips that can help you decrease your inflammatory fire. What is it? Be on the look out for Part II next week. 


Diana Fleming

Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN, is a co-author of The Full Plate Diet and Nutritionist for Full Plate Living. She received her doctoral degree from Tufts University and has since dedicated her time to translating complicated nutritional data into easy and fun concepts anyone can apply at their next meal. In her spare time, she has painstakingly perfected the ultimate healthy AND delicious chocolate chip cookie.

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