Breakfast with a Side of Weight Loss

“The most important meal of the day.” That’s how a lot of people describe breakfast. And when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, they’re absolutely right. Many people eat a light breakfast or skip the meal completely. Sometimes they think this will allow them to eat more at lunch and dinner. But if you want to slim down and stay that way, you need to eat a healthy breakfast every day.

A study of Americans who had shed pounds and kept them off showed that only 4% of them didn’t eat the morning meal.

A healthy breakfast sets your day up for success

You won’t be as hungry at lunchtime, which will help you make healthier choices, and you’ll also have all day to burn the calories you take in. For this reason, an old German proverb says, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper.”

So what’s a healthy breakfast you could enjoy tomorrow?

In fact, why not brainstorm healthy breakfast ideas for the whole week!

If making breakfast a habit sounds hard, just think: You’ve done it with lunch. ☺

Bon appetite! 


Kyle Young

Kyle Young enjoys perusing and creating books, movies, and music, which makes his job as Director of Product Development at Full Plate Living quite fitting. In his free time he practices Tang Soo Do karate, in which he holds a green belt.

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