Cactus - It's What's For Dinner

If you’re the adventurous type, or just absolutely love south of the border cuisine, you’ve GOT to try cactus, which surprisingly boasts between 2.3 to 3.6g of fiber per serving. Though strange to American cuisine, cactus is consumed in Mexico about as often as cauliflower is consumed in the US.

Three ways to sample cactus:

Cactus smoothie – banana, cactus pear and water are the only ingredients you need to have on hand.  

Cactus salsa – this green fiery salsa is a great blend of cactus, tomatillos, and poblano peppers. 

Black bean cactus soup – add a new twist to this comfort staple by adding nopalitos (cactus “leaves” to it). 

Do you have any favorite cactus recipes? We’d love to try them, so please share!


Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones is head copywriter, recipe curator, makeup artist, and occasional stage hand at Full Plate Living by day, and a ridiculously happy mother of a toddler at night. You can keep up with her random musings on Twitter.  

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