A chopping board, a freezer and a crock pot

If you have all three in your kitchen you can prep a week’s worth of food in one day. I’m not kidding, a whole week’s worth. I admit, up front it takes a bit more time. But really, you’re just chopping up ingredients, and if you have any other helpers around the house it doesn’t have to take very long.  The best part is that the food literally cooks itself, so besides the prep time, you’re not doing much except transferring: from chopping block to freezer, from freezer to crock pot, from crock pot to table. 

Chop and Freeze 

Take out your chopping board and your fresh ingredients for the week. Chop up your veggies, separate them by  “dish” and place each group of food in its own gallon freezer bag. Be sure to label it…you don’t want to forget what you were trying to make in the first place. (Side note: this is a great way to prevent spoilage of fresh vegetables in the refrigerator as well.) Be sure to add any other ingredients to the bag as well (seasonings, herbs, protein choices, such as beans or if you choose, meats). 


Once you’re ready to cook each dish, take the frozen vegetables out, place in crock pot add water, broth, or sauces and cook for the appropriate time. 


Potato Soupz: 5 lb of yellow potatoes, washed (not peeled) and diced 4 celery stalks diced 2 large onions diced 3 cube of chicken bullion (optional, can also use vegetable stock in crock pot instead) ½ tablespoon salt ½ tablespoon dill weed When you take the gallon bag from the freezer, add enough water to fill up crock pot, or if you skipped the bullion add your vegetable stock instead.  Set the cooker on high and cook for 4-6 hours. If you want to make this overnight, use the low setting for 6-9 hours. 

Learn from a pro 

Stephanie from Mamma and Baby Love has her system down to where she only has to “prep” once a month.  She’s even gracious enough to share her recipes online. For vegetarian options of her recipes, you can use meat substitutes or beans. You can also opt to leave the meats out completely.


Michelle Jones

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