Farmer's Market Treasures

farmer's market purchases

If you wake up early on a Saturday morning just to see what scrumptious foods you can find at the Farmer’s Markets, you might be a Full Plate Diet foodie fan. They’re a fabulous place to find locally grown whole fiber foods!

This week’s treasures were even better than last week's because more and more foods are ready to be plucked. I’m usually more excited about the fruits since they are my all time favorite fiber foods, but the veggies can be just as impressive.

The new potatoes are ideal for my potato salad, the zucchini and squash will make a fabulous sautéed medley over polenta, and the blackberries are perfect just the way they are.

I was even more excited to see a farmer’s young daughter selling sunflowers for 50¢ each. Not too many kids are usually up at the break of dawn at our market. She was having a ball, and I’m sure the memories he’s creating with her will leave a lasting impression.

Visit a local farmer’s market and support the farmers who like to play in the dirt to grow us wonderful fiber-rich foods.

What are your favorite farmer’s market treasure?

As part of the support staff at The Full Plate Diet, Amy creates and analyzes fiber-rich recipes that will keep your tongue smiling all day long.


Amy Hanus

Amy Hanus is an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science. She bikes, lifts weights, and creates some outrageously yummy, yet surprisingly easy recipes. She’s also the Social Media brain for Full Plate Living. Catch her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest anytime.

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