Fill Your Shopping Cart Up With This

You read the Full Plate Diet book. (If you didn’t, sign up and read it online without spending a dime!)

You felt inspired.

You even came up with some great power up ideas.

But now, you’re at the store staring blankly at the bins of colorful peppers.

  • Do they have fiber?
  • Are they considered a weight loss food?
  • They’re a vegetable, right?

If you could have a quick list of whole, nutritious and slimming foods would it revolutionize the way you shop?

Would you tape it your fridge? Fold it in your purse? Save a snapshot of it to your phone?

Would it nudge you to try a new food?

Here’s the list.


Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones is head copywriter, recipe curator, makeup artist, and occasional stage hand at Full Plate Living by day, and a ridiculously happy mother of a toddler at night. You can keep up with her random musings on Twitter.  

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