Forks Over Knives and The Full Plate Diet

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The Movie Forks Over Knives

Forks Over Knives suggests being a vegan can save you from all sorts of diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity.

We agree that eating a total plant-based diet can lower your risk of many serious health problems. But…

What if You’re Not Ready to be a Vegan…

…but you really want to eat healthier?

The Full Plate Diet to the Rescue

What Forks Over Knives calls whole, plant foods, The Full Plate Diet calls natural, fiber-rich foods. Same thing—fruits, veggies, whole grains, and beans.

An easy way to eat more of these plant foods is what The Full Plate Diet calls “Powering Up” your meals: you simply add these foods to what you’re already eating.

So What’s That Look Like

A crisp, juicy apple and a small handful of walnuts added to your breakfast cereal. Black beans added to your salad at lunch. Steamed broccoli and a moist chunk of baked sweet potato added to your chicken dinner.

Our Bottom Line

By all means watch Forks Over Knives if you haven’t seen it. And for all of you who have or will watch it, we’d love to know how it impacts what you eat.


Diana Fleming

Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN, is a co-author of The Full Plate Diet and Nutritionist for Full Plate Living. She received her doctoral degree from Tufts University and has since dedicated her time to translating complicated nutritional data into easy and fun concepts anyone can apply at their next meal. In her spare time, she has painstakingly perfected the ultimate healthy AND delicious chocolate chip cookie.

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