The Fruit Tree in My Kitchen

a metal stand fruit tree loaded with a variety of fruit.

It’s pretty unusual I’ll admit, but having a fruit tree in my kitchen is critical to helping my family and I stay slim and healthy.  A lot of people find it hard to believe that our tree has 3-6 different types of fruit on it year around.  Even though you rarely see fruit trees in someone’s kitchen, it is easy to have one.  And they are low maintenance too.

You’ll notice it is loaded with bananas, apples, oranges, tangerines, mangos, avocados and even tomatoes, that is a fruit right? The tree sits right on our main counter top.  Not only is it pretty to look at but it makes it super easy to pick a great fiber-rich fruit anytime you want it.  Before you know it, you are enjoying 3 to 4 pieces of fruit a day.

What kind of fruit tree would look good in your kitchen?


Ricky Seiler

Ricky Seiler is a relationship manager for Full Plate Living. Passionate about living a balanced life, Ricky enjoys spending time with his family traveling and digging around in their small organic garden.

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