Fullplateliving.org would be so much better if _________.

Shows the "Suggestions" tab on the website www.FullPlateLiving.org

Here’s why there’s a suggestion link at the bottom of every page of fullplateliving.org. 

We do have a plan, but we need your help to make it better. We need your ideas because we want the next thing we build to focus on providing value to you.

Here’s an example: we may have an idea for building a tracking system to track fiber and water. You may already be using another tracking system and prefer that we spend our energy preparing recipes that feature pumpkins. So tell us.

Click the “Suggestions” link to share ideas

It’s easy to share an idea.

  1. Click the suggestion link (from a desktop browser) on the bottom of this page.

  2. Type in your idea

  3. Add details in the description


Paul Martin

Paul Martin helps with websites for Full Plate Living. He writes from Orlando, Florida, where you can find him spending weekends pedaling with his whole family on their tandem bicycle and trailer.

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