To Gain or Not to Gain, When Eating Out

sign at chipotle restaurant

My favorite restaurant is Chipotle.  Some people say it’s just a glorified fast food joint.  But for me it offers good food, good service at a good price.  It just makes me feel good.

It’s also a good place to eat if you want to gain weight.  Ironically, it’s also a good place to eat if you don’t want to gain weight.  Let me illustrate with my two burrito samples below.

I built Burrito 1 by just adding foods from the serving line that had little or no fiber.  With Burrito 2, I only added foods that were rich in natural fiber.  Please notice that not only does Burrito 2 have half the calories than Burrito 1, but it has 9 times more fiber and more food too!

Take a look. 

Start replacing some low or no fiber foods with foods that are naturally rich in fiber, in your burrito and your fiber will go up and your calories will come down. It’s how to enjoy a full plate and still lose weight.

To gain or not to gain, when eating out…it’s up to you.


P.S.  Here’s a link to calculate your calorie and fiber intake for whatever kind of burrito you decide to build at Chipotle.  Go ahead and feel good.


Ricky Seiler

Ricky Seiler is a relationship manager for Full Plate Living. Passionate about living a balanced life, Ricky enjoys spending time with his family traveling and digging around in their small organic garden.

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