How I Eat Breakfast and How You Can Too

oatmeal with blueberries

Like most of you, within a few minutes of getting up my morning has gone from 0-60.

The quickest breakfast options I’ve found are cold and hot cereal. These two foods are efficient enough to consume that the intellectual benefits of breakfast usually outweigh the time it takes to make and eat them.

Cold Cereal is the quickest option. We try to stock cereal that has less than 6 grams of sugar per serving. That criterion alone can be pretty limiting these days. My favorite Power Up is adding cut up sliced pears or frozen blueberries to my Grape-Nuts. 

My favorite hot cereal of choice is oatmeal. My favorite Power Ups for oatmeal are also blueberries or apples and some type of chopped pecans or walnuts. Many times I top my oatmeal with granola instead of sugar.
Lately the kiddos have been revolting against my everyday affection with oatmeal so my wife and I have been experimenting with Crockpot cereal recipes for some variety. The first few recipes have fallen flat with the kids. If you have a slow cooker recipe that your kids love please let me know. 

What are your favorite ways to power up either cold or hot cereal?



Dan Braun

Dan Braun is General Manager at Full Plate Living who isn’t ashamed to admit he takes great pleasure in tricking his kids into eating healthier. In his free time Dan enjoys mountain biking and dunking on the 7 ft rim with his family.

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