How to Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry

You can eat any foods you want and still lose weight. Did you know that? You can eat nothing but cake or milkshakes or Funions…and still shed pounds. The only variable is how much you’ll get to eat.

I’ll Show You How This Works

Meal #1 is two Breakfast Egg Muffins, with sausage and cheese and 1 cup of orange juice. 1,000 calories…and not that much food.

Egg Muffin meal before Power Up

Now look at Meal #2. One Breakfast Egg Muffin, with sausage and cheese, 1/2 cup of 2% milk, one cup of cooked oatmeal, one apple, one orange, one banana, 1⁄2 cup of blackberries, and 11 almonds.

How you can power up a egg muffin with Superfoods

Clearly there’s a lot more food in Meal #2. But not more calories. Both meals contain the same 1,000 calories. Now for most people, a 1,000 calorie breakfast is not weight loss friendly, but this demonstrates how what you eat affects how much you can eat. It also shows how quickly the calories can add up when you’re eating processed foods.

Here are 3 more “speed round” examples:

  1. A common slice of chocolate cake can have as many calories as 5 bananas.comparison of eating chocolate cake and bananas with calories
  2. A chocolate chip cookie at one popular fast food restaurant has almost as many calories as 3 cups of peascomparison of eating chocolate chip cookie and peas with the same caloires
  3. The 44oz coke offered by a popular drive-in has as many calories as 61 large strawberriescomparison of drinking a 44oz coke to eating strawberries with the same calories

Use these 4 foods groups to fill your plate and dodge calories.

So with that in mind, the question becomes, which foods can I eat the most of and still lose weight?

Four categories give you the best bang for your bite.

  • #1 is fruit. Fruits contain so much water, they’re naturally low in calories.
  • #2 is vegetables. Vegetables don’t contain quite as much water as fruit, but they still have a lot. Again, that means fewer calories.
  • #3 is beans. Dry beans contain very little water. But when you cook them, they become over 60% water. And they’re very filling.
  • #4 is cooked whole grains. Oatmeal, brown rice, and other cooked whole grains can contain a few more calories than other superfoods, but they’re still a great choice compared to that cookie I mentioned earlier.

Don’t make this mistake.

Keep in mind, a Superfood can become a Superflop if it’s drowned in a high-calorie dressing or melted cheese, etc. Use condiments to flavor the Superfoods, instead of making them the main course.

Try these 3 beginner tricks to get started.

  1. Try to fill 75% of your plate with Superfoods at your next meal. This will help you eat a full plate with fewer calories.
  2. Taste new fruits regularly. Since fruit is so low-calorie, you want to develop a large quiver of fruits you enjoy. And this can take practice. I naturally enjoy vegetables, but I don’t naturally care for fruit. So lately, I’ve been making oatmeal in the morning and just pouring in some mixed frozen berries I bought at Walmart -- strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. They thaw in the oatmeal, and truly make it more delicious.
  3. Focus on the positive. It’s true that you probably can’t eat gallons of ice cream every day and still lose weight. The more calories in the foods, the less you can eat. But now you have 4 food groups you can really dive into. Focusing on that freedom can motivate you when you’re feeling restricted.

It’s a fact you need to decrease your calories to lose weight. The beauty of Superfoods is you can decrease calories while eating more food. That’s dieting turned on its head. That’s full plate living.

What foods do you enjoy from the groups I highlighted? What foods can you start eating more of?


Kyle Young

Kyle Young enjoys perusing and creating books, movies, and music, which makes his job as Director of Product Development at Full Plate Living quite fitting. In his free time he practices Tang Soo Do karate, in which he holds a green belt.

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