If You Lose This, It Could be Over

Doctor holding a Granny Smith Apple

No, I’m not talking about your wallet, or your portfolio, or your identity. Clearly, those would all be unpleasant, unsettling life events, but life can still go on after all those losses.

A Cause for Pause

But there is one loss that can prove fatal to our life, and that’s the loss of our health. If you think about it that way, our health could be our most precious possession because it enables us to enjoy life and all the people who are precious to us.

More Than Just Fiber

Here at the Full Plate Diet, we blog and talk and write a lot about natural, fiber-rich foods for weight loss, but have you ever noticed the tag line in the little red box in the upper left hand corner of The Full Plate Diet book?

“Slim Down, Look Great, Be Healthy!”

“…Be Healthy!” We clearly don’t say as much about health as we do about weight loss, so I want to put a brief plug in for health.

Eat Your Medicine

There are literally reams of research in the last 75 years, and I’m not exaggerating when I say reams, verifying the fact that the same natural, fiber-rich foods which are great for weight loss are the very best foods for getting healthy, staying healthy, and living a longer, fuller life.

Why? Because fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts & seeds are loaded with all the substances we need for health: fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, healthy carbs, fat and protein, and no trans fat. Eating these foods is like eating life-saving medicine!

So keep filling your plate to lose weight and “Be Healthy!”


Diana Fleming

Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN, is a co-author of The Full Plate Diet and Nutritionist for Full Plate Living. She received her doctoral degree from Tufts University and has since dedicated her time to translating complicated nutritional data into easy and fun concepts anyone can apply at their next meal. In her spare time, she has painstakingly perfected the ultimate healthy AND delicious chocolate chip cookie.

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