It's Time to Break Your Resolutions

broken glass


Paul Martin


January 30, 2013 - 6:00am

Paul Martin helps with websites for Full Plate Living. He writes from Orlando, Florida, where you can find him spending weekends pedaling with his whole family on their tandem bicycle and trailer.

Most of us have gotten so busy that we’ve completely forgotten the big dreams and agendas we had for the New Year. Instead of giving up on our good intentions let’s break them up.

Break Up Not Give Up

A commitment for a whole year is a really long time. A week is much more manageable. So think about the intention of your weight loss goals and break out a small step you can do this week.

Possible Small Steps

  • Eat breakfast
  • Tell a friend everyday how you Powered Up a meal
  • Set an appointment in your calendar to refill your water bottle
  • Learn a new recipe with a Full Plate Living Super Food
  • Replace a dessert with fruit

Just choose one for this week. Resolve to take another small step next week and you’ll make this year the best ever.

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