Keep Your Wallet Fat by Looking for In-Season Produce

Bunches of asparagus

Look for in-season produce to save money at the grocery store. That’s nice, but how do you know what’s in-season? If you don’t personally know a farmer to ask, here are some clues:

Produce on a Pallet

If the grocery store produce manager didn’t even bother taking the produce off the pallet, odds are it’s in season.

Look at The Sticker

Produce stickers usually list the state or country where the fruit or vegetable was grown. If the location is relatively close to you it’s probably in-season.

Speak Up and Ask

“Hey there produce man, what’s a super fresh deal this week?” That was easy, right? They’re usually extra excited to share.

Track the Price

If the price drops significantly and the produce looks great, who are we kidding? Don’t even worry if it’s in season. Get it in your cart on the double.

Get the Details

Seasonal chart

Want more detail? The blog Chasing Delicious has some great produce calendars you can view or order as posters.


Paul Martin

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