More Fiber, More Food at Red Robin

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Are the employees of Full Plate Living vegetarians?


Some are, some aren’t.

Personally, I’m mostly vegetarian. I occasionally eat fish and when eating at someone else’s home, I eat whatever they’re serving.

So what do I do when eating out?

When I’m at my new favorite restaurant, Red Robin, that’s easy. Red Robin now serves three different non-meat patties you can substitute for any of their burgers. The following is an example of what you can do with their basic “Keep It Simple” Burger. It consists of:

  • Lettuce - green leaf
  • Onions – red
  • Dill pickle slices
  • Red Robin seasoning
  • Sesame bun
  • Beef

Altogether there are 569 calories and 2 grams of fiber.

Powered Up Burger

Want more for your money? Here’s what I came up with:

  1. I replaced the Sesame bun with a Whole Wheat bun
  2. I replaced the Beef with a Garden Burger
  3. I added an avocado
  4. I also added pineapple with teriyaki sauce (this alone is why I go to Red Robin!)

The new totals: 567 calories and 10 grams of fiber. More fiber, more food, what more could you want?

Visit Red Robin and click on "Nutrition Customizer" to view the different various substitutions you can make.


Lonnie Carbaugh

Lonnie Carbaugh, LPC, NCC,  is a Behavioral Health Counselor at Full Plate Living who has shed and kept off 25 pounds since working for Full Plate Living. He is as dedicated about walking 5 miles a day as he is about his favorite sport, baseball.

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