New Full Plate Diet Logo

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you probably helped us make some choices about our new identity. We’re excited to unveil what we came up with together.

Our book cover is really great for a book cover, but it doesn’t make a great social media avatar, among other things! We needed a new logo. So we engaged with marketing experts in lots of exercises over the last few weeks. Most importantly we listened to lots of your feedback. So thank you.

The most obvious thing you voted for is the new blue and green color pallet. This is definitely a tried and true color pallet. We look forward to working with these color options.

One of the key principles of the Full Plate Diet is the idea of seeking out high fiber and water foods. The new illustration element reminds us of the fiber/water principle with the raindrop watering the leaves.

You can anticipate seeing us explore new ways to innovate with our new colors and artwork as we roll out new products and online features. The logo is just the tip of the iceberg so stay tuned.

As always, we’re doing this for you. Please, let us know what you think. Start your constructive critiquing in the comments.


Paul Martin

Paul Martin helps with websites for Full Plate Living. He writes from Orlando, Florida, where you can find him spending weekends pedaling with his whole family on their tandem bicycle and trailer.

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