Oh Weight Loss Where Art Thou?

Oh Weight Loss Where Art Thou?

As our team spends time interacting with you, we encounter a common theme. Many of you have tried different diets and lost weight, but few have kept the weight off.

Typical dieting simply doesn’t make sense as a means of long-term weight loss. Consider the following analogy. You’re sitting in the bleachers watching your child compete in a sporting event – maybe baseball or soccer. All of the sudden, it starts to rain. So, you open your umbrella to stay dry. As long as you hold the umbrella over your head, it will do a good job protecting you from the rain; but once you get tired and take the umbrella away, no matter how long or how well you held it, you’re going to get soaked! Diets are the same way. They can help you lose weight as long as you hold to them; but after you stop, you’ll be revisited by unwanted pounds.

So is there any hope? Of course! Sustainable weight loss can be enjoyed by eating more foods that are rich in fiber. Foods such as fruits, veggies, and beans are great examples. These foods allow you to feel full without consuming a large amount of calories, and they’re very tasty and accesible! Eating a diet of fiber-rich foods makes sustainable weight loss attainable because a fiber diet is much easier to hold than a traditional umbrella. ☺


Kyle Young

Kyle Young enjoys perusing and creating books, movies, and music, which makes his job as Director of Product Development at Full Plate Living quite fitting. In his free time he practices Tang Soo Do karate, in which he holds a green belt.

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