The Other “Orange” Fruit

three persimmons

This time of year my family enjoys eating lots of oranges from the fruit tree in our kitchen.  We also enjoy eating another orange colored fruit called Japanese Persimmons.   Have you tried them?  Not only are they an attractive looking fruit (as far a fruit goes) they have a wonderful flavor and texture everyone in my family relishes. 

Here’s how we eat them:

  1. Buy them when they are firm with a slightly darker orange tint
  2. Peel the thin outside skin with a knife or potato peeler
  3. Slice it all the way through into ¼ “ slivers, (you can eat the whole thing, there are no seeds or yucky middle part)
  4. Savor each bite 

They are about the size of a small apple but have 50% more fiber.  That’s 6 grams of fiber if you’re counting.  And this time of year we find they are a much better value for the money.  I saw them last week in the produce section at my local Walmart for .99 each, but the real value was at the Asian Market where I picked them up for only .99 cents a pound. 

So, guess who was popular when they showed up at home carrying 10 pounds of Japanese Persimmons?  :)






Ricky Seiler

Ricky Seiler is a relationship manager for Full Plate Living. Passionate about living a balanced life, Ricky enjoys spending time with his family traveling and digging around in their small organic garden.

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