Our First Cakeless Birthday

Waffle cone filled with yogurt and loaded with berries

Four of our families six birthdays fall between November and February, otherwise known as cold and flu season. Invariably someone is either coming down with or getting over something when it’s time for cake and ice cream.

Such was the case last week.

My wife and I unanimously voted to invoke the “your sibling’s been sick so no cake for you” card. But then came an even bigger decision. What to serve that will promote harmony and avoid mutiny among the already disgruntled little sailors.

Here’s what my wife came up with.

She bought some waffle cone cups and filled them with yogurt. We’ve been getting the Silk brand yogurt but any kind will work. We then let the kids accessorize their creation with raspberries, blueberries or blackberries.

Lastly we crumbled up a Hershey chocolate bar and sprinkled it in proportion to the kids’ current state of health.

The good news is they loved their cakeless celebration. The cool thing for us was we could dial up or down how much we amped them up with sugar.

Try a cakeless experiment

Have you ever done a cakeless experiment on your family? If so, what’s worked and maybe more importantly, what hasn’t?


Dan Braun

Dan Braun is General Manager at Full Plate Living who isn’t ashamed to admit he takes great pleasure in tricking his kids into eating healthier. In his free time Dan enjoys mountain biking and dunking on the 7 ft rim with his family.

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