The Perfect Goal

money on man's back

Your crazy monkey is at it again! Yes, the one hanging on you for not perfectly accomplishing this year’s resolution so far.

But perfection is not realistic. Especially when it comes to goals. Pick something you know (not think) you can accomplish. Those goals are the ones to keep your eyes on. Hone in on them.

If you’re not feeling like you’re moving towards accomplishing those, a few tweaks can accelerate it.

What’s working for you?

Need ideas?

Pick one of these to do:

  1. Eat Superfoods first - fruits, veggies, beans & cooked grains are the ones to keep an eye on.
  2. Take a stroll after meals.
  3. Start your meal off with a piece of fruit.
  4. Stop eating when you’re no longer hungry…not full or stuffed.
  5. Drink an extra bottle of water a day.

Now go forward and give that hairy monkey the boot!


Amy Hanus

Amy Hanus is an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science. She bikes, lifts weights, and creates some outrageously yummy, yet surprisingly easy recipes. She’s also the Social Media brain for Full Plate Living. Catch her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest anytime.

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