The Power Up Game

My father is a Full Plate Diet pioneer. That being said, every meal we ate became a Power Up game.

The point: calculating the amount of fiber in a meal and concocting ways to add more in each meal.

"What if we add flaxseed to this or maybe walnuts (those are my personal favorite)?"

"Beans would make this."

As teenagers, my brother and I found this engaging.This game was something easy and practical and it became a habit we carried beyond home.

In my dorm room at Bible college, I had a stash of canned black beans and salsa. If beans weren't served at breakfast, I would make toast and then Power Up – black beans, salsa, avocado, walnuts, flaxseed and a few extra goodies.

To add to my plate…hot cereal like oatmeal or quinoa topped with chopped apples, bananas, berries, peaches, nuts. (wow. I'm making myself hungry just thinking about this).

The game was contagious. It wasn't long before my friends joined in. Soon Power Up plates started popping up around the meal hall…fun ways to eat healthy.

So what about it?

You can join the game too.

See how many ways you can Power Up this week.


Aubrey Seiler

Since she was a little girl, Aubrey Seiler wanted to work with film, so it’s only fitting that she heads video production for Full Plate Living. In her spare time she spends as much time as she can in the great outdoors where her favorite activity is mountain climbing.

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