Power Up Your Chicken from the Freezer Section

Power Up Chicken Plate

Unlike Carol Brady, I don’t have an Alice around to do all my cooking. Who has that type of time to devote to cooking elaborate meals? Not me!

Microwave to the Rescue

Rotisserie chickens seem to be available at most grocers and are a much better option than fried chicken. They don’t have any fiber, so what’s the simplest way to Power Up chicken? Add frozen brown rice and frozen veggies. Yep, you can find whole grain brown rice in the freezer section now. Throw on top a delightful veggie medley and you’ve added at least 4g fiber.

Frozen foods you can add to your next meal with chicken

I like to add a fruit to most meals. Today I chose a cup of raspberries for 8g of fiber. If you don’t keep fresh fruit on hand, you can find quite a variety in your freezer section too. This was an easy meal to throw together. Plus I like having the goal of filling 75% of my plate with those water/fiber Superfoods.

veggies, rice and raspberries power up your chicken

Ms. Crockpot Can Work Hard for You

Crockpot Meal

I decided to use the leftover rotisserie chicken to make a soup. Here’s how I Powered Up the chicken:

5 – new potatoes, cubed
2 cans – diced tomatoes
1 bag – frozen lima beans
1 bag – frozen green beans
1 bag – frozen corn
8 cups – water (enough to cover everything)
2 bay leaves
Salt & pepper to taste

Throw it all in your crockpot and cook. I thought 4 hours on high would be enough, but the potatoes were not done yet. It ended up taking 8 hours. I typically put this on before bed to be ready in the morning or turn it on in the morning to be ready when I get home from work.


Amy Hanus

Amy Hanus is an ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist with a degree in Exercise Science. She bikes, lifts weights, and creates some outrageously yummy, yet surprisingly easy recipes. She’s also the Social Media brain for Full Plate Living. Catch her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest anytime.