A Salsa that Sent Me Dancing...from Walmart!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

a cup of salsa with a chip in it

A couple weekends ago I was at a friend’s bachelor party, and everyone kept telling me the same thing. “Try the salsa. Try the salsa. You have to try the salsa.” Now, I’m a salsaholic. I eat it on dozens of foods. In fact, I basically won’t eat certain foods if there’s no salsa around. But we were playing cards, and I was more interested in the game than trying some generic-brand salsa. I thought I’d seen it all in the salsa world anyway.

I was wrong.

I folded before the flop on one hand (3, 9 – different suits…if I remember correctly). So I decided I might as well go try the salsa.

Holy cow. It was some of the best I’ve ever had. I bought a jar the NEXT DAY.

Here it is. Take a look. I think they recently changed the label, so the colors may look a little different if you’re searching the store. Just look for the name.

And here’s a cute article where a group of Floridians rate 18 salsas. The one I just recommended won the contest! Good job, Floridians. There’s hope for you yet.

What’s your favorite salsa?


Kyle Young

Kyle Young enjoys perusing and creating books, movies, and music, which makes his job as Director of Product Development at Full Plate Living quite fitting. In his free time he practices Tang Soo Do karate, in which he holds a green belt.