A Simple Way to Curb Overeating

Here’s a simple way to eat less calories: consume 2/3 cups of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) per day.

That’s it?

That is it. You can eat them all at one meal or have 1/3 cup for lunch and 1/3 cup for supper.  If you’re really adventurous, you could try them for breakfast. How you do it is up to you. Just be sure you get 2/3 cups in.

I don’t buy it

We didn’t make this up. Australian researchers did. They asked 42 people to eat their regular food for 4 weeks. The following 12 weeks, they were asked to get 2/3 cup of garbanzo beans into their diet. When that was over, they went back to eating their regular food for 4 weeks.

Here’s what they found: during the 12 weeks when garbanzos were consumed, people ended up feeling fuller AND eating less food, especially those in the cereal, bread, pasta, and rice food group.  When they stopped eating chickpeas, individuals started to eat more processed snack foods. You guessed it: cereal, bread, pasta, rice, chips, etc.

Ok, I get it. So how do I eat chickpeas?

This is the easy part. There are literally hundreds of ways to eat chickpeas, but we’ll give you 3 simple ideas:
    Add it to your salad – The salad will taste better AND you’ll feel fuller.
    Make a sandwich or wrap –This chickpea spread is the high fiber version of chicken salad.
    Have it as a veggie dip - Hummus (a dip made of chickpeas) is a simple way to add garbanzo beans to your daily fare.

Don't like chickpeas?

Try substituting your favorite beans and see if you get similar results.



Michelle Jones

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