Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Thanksgiving Dinner Plate Setting

You’ve got to make the morning last . . . .

This opening line to one of my favorite Simon & Garfunkel songs has also proved to be a powerful part of my approach to parties and holiday meals.

The temptation to gorge on high sugar, high calorie foods can be almost overwhelming during the holiday season.  Buffets, dessert trays, gift packages from business partners, grazing in the kitchen, traditional family meals, and many other traps await us during this enjoyable, but risky time of year.

My goal during the holiday season is simple:  moderation.  I don’t try to completely avoid all the food traps – only to limit their impact.  That’s where the song comes in.  When I approach the dessert tray, for instance, I hum through the opening line, which helps me to consciously slow my pace.  I still take a chocolate chip cookie (one of my favorites), but I select it, reach for it, and savor the taste of it . . . . slowly.

I’ve been surprised how helpful this little trick can be.  When, with the help of this song, I slow my pace – it’s much easier to eat fewer chocolate chip cookies.  It also helps me find more pleasure in both my holiday food and friendships.

Any tips from your experience that you can pass along?


Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown isn’t just the CFO at Full Plate Living, he’s also an accomplished pianist and an avid softball player.  Though very passionate about healthy eating, Kevin likes to keep it as simple as possible.

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