Take Up Drinking

a picture of earth

This, my friends, is earth…my favorite planet.

Fun fact: every Miss Universe winner to date has come from earth – hence the inter-galactic pickup line, “Hey there, you must be from earth.”

By now you’ve probably realized this is one of Kyle’s blogs, and today I will be writing about the blue stuff in the picture.


The Full Plate Diet encourages people to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day for several reasons. Your body needs lots of water to process fiber, and failure to drink water on a fiber-rich diet can lead to constipation. Water is also a calorie-free drink that can keep you from experiencing thirst, a feeling that is often mistaken with hunger, which leads to unnecessary snacking.      

So here is my challenge for you (and me). Can we drink 6 glasses of water every day for one week? Try writing yourself a little note and leaving it on your pillow. This can help you check your progress when you get in bed at night. If you’ve met our goal of 6 glasses, make a checkmark. After 7 days of success, give yourself a reward! Just make sure it’s something other than food. ☺   

One last fun fact: the human body is roughly 60% water, which makes the act of drinking water roughly 60% cannibalism.

Until next time, earthlings…

Nanu Nanu



Kyle Young

Kyle Young enjoys perusing and creating books, movies, and music, which makes his job as Director of Product Development at Full Plate Living quite fitting. In his free time he practices Tang Soo Do karate, in which he holds a green belt.

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