Think Small

We planted a pear tree in our backyard yesterday.  It took most of the day to complete the job and today, I’m sore, sunburned, and cranky.  But seriously, I’m thrilled that we planted a tree. 

Periodically, my wife and I indulge grandiose ideas about what we’d like to do with the little piece of ground that we call home.  Common interests can be hard to find in such conversations, but we always agree that we’d like to plant an orchard. 

After one of these conversations, my wife will typically start to analyze the options and plan the next steps for our orchard.  And typically, as I begin to understand the amount of work involved, I go into hiding.

But yesterday was different.  I came out of hiding long enough to help the family plant one tree.  Maybe it will become an orchard one day, but I don’t think about that.  It’s too easy to become discouraged.  So I just enjoy the accomplishment of planting a single tree.

If the prospect of eating fiber rich foods seems overwhelming and tempts you to go into hiding – I’d suggest you try doing something small.  Something easy.  Something that you can repeat enough to make it a habit.  Maybe some day, this new habit will become so comfortable that you’ll decide to add another step, but you don’t have to think about that.  Instead, just enjoy the accomplishment of taking a single, small step.


Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown isn’t just the CFO at Full Plate Living, he’s also an accomplished pianist and an avid softball player.  Though very passionate about healthy eating, Kevin likes to keep it as simple as possible.

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