Try Adding a Finish Line to Your Day

It’s been a challenge lately for me to set a finish line, a hard stop between my workday and the rest of my day.

Like many of you, my day job is so effortlessly portable I can take it with me anywhere I want to go. My to do list never ends…you get the idea.

I recently read a blog post by Tom Basson on the benefits of setting a finish line at the end of your workday. This practice has helped me do a better job of mentally switching work off and engaging fully with my family. However it could be just as applicable in prioritizing other important life goals such as eating better or getting more active.

Here’s how it works.

The final activity before I leave work is to set aside twenty minutes to celebrate what I completed today and plan for tomorrow. Taking this time to reflect allows me to come off the buzz of the day and put the workday literally behind me.

By intentionally shifting my energy and focus from work and towards the next part of my day has enabled me bring a new level creativity and energy to being a husband and father.

Do you ever wish you had more creativity and energy for making dinnertime healthier? Does it sometimes feel inconceivable to squeeze in some activity into your evening?

How could you use a finish line today?


Dan Braun

Dan Braun is General Manager at Full Plate Living who isn’t ashamed to admit he takes great pleasure in tricking his kids into eating healthier. In his free time Dan enjoys mountain biking and dunking on the 7 ft rim with his family.

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