Veggie Cooking "Cheat Sheet"

While vegetables are full of nutritious goodness, cooking them can be a stressful experience if you’ve never done it before.

  • How long do you boil a potato before it starts to crumble?
  • Can you cook corn on the cob in the microwave?
  • At what point in the steaming process does broccoli turn brown?

Thankfully, Lana Hallowes took the time to answer all these question and more in an image guide so simple, even kids can follow the directions. Check out her genius handiwork below:

cooking guide

Image courtesy of

Think her artwork is worthy of the coveted “primary refrigerator door magnet” position in your home? You can print the image at

And Lana, if you’re reading this, we’d love to see a column on baking vegetables next!



Michelle Jones

Michelle Jones is head copywriter, recipe curator, makeup artist, and occasional stage hand at Full Plate Living by day, and a ridiculously happy mother of a toddler at night. You can keep up with her random musings on Twitter.  

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