Want to Double Your Weight Loss?

Sure you do…who wouldn’t? Well you can do this without having to buy anything, muster up your willpower or starve yourself. And you already have the needed skill to make it happen.

So what is that needed skill? You have to be able to write. No problem, right? You can write. That means you can double your weight loss.

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research followed 1,685 overweight and obese men and women for five months. They were asked to follow a certain diet and to write down what they ate every day, in other words, keep a food diary.

The researchers discovered this simple but profound truth: the more participants recorded what they ate, the more weight they lost. Those who did not track their food intake lost about 9 pounds by the end of the study, while those who wrote down what they ate, at least six days a week, lost 18 pounds---twice as much! (American Journal of Preventive Medicine 35:2, 2008.)


Amazing. Such a simple thing to do. If you don’t track what you eat, give it try. You have twice as much weight to lose and none to gain.

Powerful food databases like MyFitnessPal.com have most foods in their system already. You can even enter in your own recipes and it will analyze them for you. 

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Diana Fleming

Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN, is a co-author of The Full Plate Diet and Nutritionist for Full Plate Living. She received her doctoral degree from Tufts University and has since dedicated her time to translating complicated nutritional data into easy and fun concepts anyone can apply at their next meal. In her spare time, she has painstakingly perfected the ultimate healthy AND delicious chocolate chip cookie.

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