Want to Run a Marathon? Not Really.

a notepad page to make your top 5

I pick a goal that’s pleasing to think about, and sounds impressive to my friends, but may not be the most realistic to achieve.  Once, I adopted the goal of completing a marathon – never mind that I’d never been able to run more than 5 miles at once without developing pain in my feet, ankles, shins or knees.  This goal sounded very impressive, and I enjoyed the mental picture I had of crossing the finish line with a smile on my face and my arms raised.  But the goal was completely unrealistic for me, and I gave up on it within a few weeks.

If you, like me, suffer from this condition of unrealistically ambitious goal setting – try this experiment.  Before you set any goals, write down the 3-5 most important things in your life.  These 3-5 things might involve your work, family, money, weight, religion, relationships, fitness, hobbies, travel, or any number of other things. 

Once you’ve established your top 3-5 priorities, save your most ambitious goal for the areas that top your priority list.  If you decide to set a health goal, for instance, and health is one of the top priorities from your list – great.  It might be a good moment to let a little ambition seep into your goal. 

If, however, you’re setting a health goal, but “health” didn’t make your top five list, then perhaps a smaller, less ambitious goal would be in order.


Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown isn’t just the CFO at Full Plate Living, he’s also an accomplished pianist and an avid softball player.  Though very passionate about healthy eating, Kevin likes to keep it as simple as possible.

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