What's Your User Story?

For the last several weeks the web team at Full Plate Diet has been engaged in planning exercises with the web development folks at Four Kitchens. We’re so excited to be working with them to imagine taking Full Plate Diet to the next level. Some of the stuff has us so energized we’ll surely spill the beans here in the coming weeks. So watch this space. But first an insight from their process.

User Stories

Four Kitchens has been walking us through the process of writing user stories to ideas for site features. The process is really great because it keeps us focused on what the individual people need and want to do on the site.

The formula goes like this:

As a ___________ I would like to ____________ so that ____________ .

The stories capture who would like to do what and reminds us why.

User Story Examples

This is a screen capture from the planning software where we're reimagining our blog. Feel free to give us feedback on features you'd like to see. 

Weight Loss Stories

These user stories are a great way to keep us focused on our life projects as well.  Here’s one of mine:

As a father I would like to continue learning how to eat better so that I can be here for my family for a long time.

Make it concrete, be accountable, share your weight loss user story in the comments.


Paul Martin

Paul Martin helps with websites for Full Plate Living. He writes from Orlando, Florida, where you can find him spending weekends pedaling with his whole family on their tandem bicycle and trailer.

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