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We’re Full Plate Living, a new name for the company that brought you The 30-day Diabetes Miracle and The 30-day Diabetes Miracle Cookbook. Feel free to poke around and check out our growing library of resources – from blog posts, to recipes, power ups, and menus.

We’re Reaching Out Earlier

Over the last few years, our focus has shifted to preventing complications that come with diabetes before the disease process takes root – by targeting obesity. As such, all our products focus on helping individuals make small incremental steps toward eating more healthy and filling meals. These programs are not designed to deal specifically with diabetes, however they can still deliver great results if participants follow Glycemic Index and Carb Counting guidelines.

Book Resources

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How to Order a Book

If you would like to order The 30-day Diabetes Miracle or The 30-day Diabetes Miracle Cookbook, please contact us.


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