Everyone, meet Joe!

Joe began the Full Plate Diet about 3 years ago, increasing the amount of natural, fiber-rich foods in his diet. Joe lost over 90 lbs in his first year on the Full Plate Diet and has easily kept if off. The Full Plate Diet not only changed the way he thinks about food, it has changed his life!

What works about the Full Plate Diet?

One of Joe’s favorite things about the Full Plate Diet is that he never felt he was going hungry. “You aren’t starving yourself, you don’t have to do 100 sit-ups per day…you are just learning a new way of thinking about food. It’s exciting! I love to incorporate new, delicious foods into my life.”
Joe also loves the way he feels on the Full Plate Diet. He feels more energetic and more “fresh” instead of feeling bogged down by heavy foods. He wakes up in the morning feeling better and having more energy.