Help Your Workforce Slim Down with The Full Plate Weight Loss Program

Full Plate Living has a proven approach to help your employees slim down, gain energy, and feel better.

In our online course the Full Plate Weight Loss Program, we reveal how to build a healthy lifestyle one step at a time. Sustainable weight loss is just one benefit of the healthy eating plan we promote.

In The Typical Approach to Weight Loss...

  • You try to eat less
  • You stop eating your favorite foods
  • You go to the gym everyday
  • You lose weight fast and gain it all back

Full Plate’s Approach to Weight Loss (It’s Not Really a Diet)

  • You'll feel full and still lose weight
  • You'll keep favorite foods in healthy moderation
  • You'll focus on food, the quickest path to results
  • You'll lose weight and keep it off for good

With Full Plate, instead of making big changes that are hard to sustain, you’ll take small steps that snowball into big victories.

The Secret to Full Plate’s Effectiveness is Fiber

Foods naturally high in fiber tend to be lower in calories, and they’re proven to help you feel full sooner and stay full longer. A diet high in these foods can help you lose weight, live longer, and lower your risk of heart disease, cancer, and Type 2 diabetes.

Our approach is proven by science:

  1. Harvard Agrees More Fiber Can Help with Weight Loss
  2. Fiber Helps Protect Against Cancer
  3. Eating More Fiber Can Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  4. A Fiber Rich Diet Can Help You Live Longer
  5. American Heart Association Encourages People to Eat More Fiber

The Full Plate basics - how to lose weight without dieting

High fiber foods are deliciously powerful. They’re low in calories, which will have you digging smaller clothes out of the closet sooner than you thought.

Watch what high fiber foods do to the calories in this meal.

compare these meals
10 Grams of Fiber
1098 Calories
19 Grams of Fiber
694 Calories

Foods high in fiber fit in these categories: beans, veggies, fruits, and cooked whole grains.

When you eat these foods first, you feel full faster and stay full longer.

But most people need to eat three times more high fiber foods to lose weight.

The Amount of Fiber We Eat Daily

We only eat 10 grams of fiber, but experts say we need at least 30 per day.

Only 3% of Americans Eat Enough Fiber Each Day

Only 3% of Americans eat the recommended amount of fiber each day.

Research shows only 3% of Americans eat the recommended amount of fiber each day. That’s only 3 out of every 100 people. This is a big problem.

Results Employees Have Achieved

68% Reported losing weight1  5.63 Pounds Average weight loss2  89% Reported increase in energy3

1Weight Loss for participants who began with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25.
2127 participants reported “low” or “no” energy before the course. 113 (89%) reported higher energy level at the end of the course. For all participants, 52% reported an increase in energy level.

Click here to see the full program results.

Here Are a Few of The Organizations We’ve Partnered With

Employer Partner Logos

Wellness Director Testimonials

The program helps employees ease into a different way of thinking about the foods they eat...The Full Plate Living team does an excellent job providing customer service to both our employees and myself as the coordinator...You can trust that Full Plate Living teaches your employees how to better care for themselves by making small, manageable changes.

Audrey Serrano, Wellness Coordinator, Florida Hospital Tampa
I really appreciate the way that the Full Plate team has taken powerful nutrition and weight loss principles, made them easy to understand and easy to access, and then wrapped it all up with a unique mix of peer and professional support.

Ed Hoover, M.A., Manager, LivingWell/Community Health Adventist Health Portland
I like that Full Plate teaches people how to make small changes to their meals to make them healthier. It is not a gimmick or diet product. It is eating real food, but learning how to do it better and healthier.

Lindsay Mitchell, Employee Wellness Coordinator, University of Oklahoma
It was easy to administer because all I had to do was send the emails. Full Plate Living did all the work... If you’ve got some money for wellness, this is a great program. It is both educational and physically beneficial to your employees.

Tamara Quintana Griffith, Employee Programs Coordinator, GuideStone Financial Resources
It offers an online alternative to other weight loss programs based on meeting attendance. This is especially helpful because our employees work shifts around the clock.

Joy Kees, Wellness Program Manager, Children’sHealth

How to Offer the Full Plate Weight Loss Program to Your Employees

Roll out this program in less than an hour

The Full Plate Weight Loss Program can be a nice addition to your employee wellness options because it is so easy to rollout. As one of our Employer Partners said, "All I did was send out emails, Full Plate Living did all the rest."

Here's why it's a breeze to administer:

  • Online experience makes it simple for employees to access anytime, anywhere
  • A series of email templates to help get the word out
  • Customized program information webpage with your unique wellness plan offer
  • Tailored program registration page to track employees when they enroll
  • 50% savings on program rates, makes the program a great wellness value
  • Friendly customer service for employees who may need a little extra assistance
  • Completion report with employee names
  • Outcome Benefits Report, with aggregate de-identified data of your employees

One idea we highly encourage is to require employees to have "skin-in-the-game" financially if they choose not to complete the program. Experience has shown this one key can make the difference between a 15% completion rate and a 70% completion rate.

We'd be glad to share what has worked so well for other Employer Partners and discuss options for you.

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