Welcome and History

Video Transcript


Welcome to the Full Plate Living Facilitator Community! My name’s Diana, and I’m here to assist you in facilitating our programs.

In this section, I want to start with a brief history of our story and the dream we’re working towards.

First, Full Plate Living is a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the health and vitality of people so they can live more meaningful lives, and we’re really thankful we get to work with people like you to do this.

At the beginning of our history, we were called the Lifestyle Center of America, and for 12 years we ran an 18-day, residential program that helped people lose weight and reverse their diabetes.

The program was expensive, but it gave patients:

Quality time with medical doctors Nutrition instruction with hands-on cooking classes Personal fitness training Behavior change counseling sessions

And lots and lots of lectures filled with cutting-edge, health information with ALL the supporting research studies

Many of our patients joked that they were in diabetes boot camp---it was intense.

Not surprisingly, most of our patients got GREAT results. They:

lost weight lowered their blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol reduced their need for medications their energy level went up and, as you can imagine, they felt great

So, we knew from experience that the treatment of diabetes through lifestyle change worked and that patients did well while they were in a supportive, residential setting, but what do you think happened when our patients returned home? What do you think?

We had our sneaking suspicions because as the end of the program drew near, it wasn’t uncommon to hear patients say they weren’t sure if they could do this when they got home. And sadly, when we did some one-year follow-up, we found that most of them were not succeeding.

This caused us to do some serious re-evaluation. We asked ourselves questions like:

Were we asking for too much change, too fast? Were we giving too much information, all at once? Was the program too expensive for the long-term results most were getting? In short, was the program even realistic?

So, how would you define the difference between a PERFECT program and a REALISTIC program? And while you think about that, let me give you an illustration.


This is the remote control for my TV. It has a lot of buttons on it, and our 18-day program was like teaching someone how to use every button by the manual! We were attempting to be the PERFECT program.

But how many of us really use all the buttons? Personally, I use three buttons: Power, Volume, and the Channel Change. There are a lot of buttons I don’t know what they’re for or how to use them, and yet realistically, I’m able to function really well with my TV.

So to answer my own question, we’ve come to believe that the perfect program IS the realistic program, and we’ve developed our programs using a simple three-button approach.

Meet people where they’re at & allow them to change when they’re ready Keep it simple allowing them to discover the information at a realistic pace Keep the price low to reach more people

The exciting thing is that now when people attend a Full Plate Living program in their community, the typical response is “I can do this---this is easy!” And I know how easy it is because it’s worked for me. I’ve actually lost 30 lbs. following the principles of our programs.

So you may be wondering why we moved from focusing on Diabetes to Weight Loss. Well, the fact is obesity is now the BIGGEST public health problem in America with nearly 7 out of 10 of us being overweight or obese.

And as you know, if you can help people improve in their weight, many of their other health problems like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure will improve, if not go away entirely. So by moving our focus to weight loss, we’re striking these lifestyle diseases at their root.

And our vision is for a future where assisting people with lifestyle change will be the PREFERRED METHOD to prevent and overcome chronic lifestyle diseases. This is why we have a passion for Full Plate Living. And we want to thank you for taking your time to get to know us a little better, and we hope that you’ll become inspired to share our programs with others.

Thank you.