In Person Small Group Weight Loss Program

Our small group programs are great for learning more in-depth.

Simple to Lead, Fun to Attend  Group Program

Weight loss, like most things in life, is much more fun when shared with others. You learn together. You support each other. Your ideas seem to spark and ignite new ones. And in turn, the way someone else solves a problem challenges you to try something different.

Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? is a program designed to help you discover a series of simple, practical steps you can take as a lasting approach to weight loss and good health.

Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

  • Rediscover deliciously slimming foods you already love
  • Share makeover ideas for favorite meals, at home and at restaurants
  • Understand how to make your immediate settings weight loss friendly
  • Learn 10 habits that drop the pounds and keep them off

Why Lead a Group Program

Here’s what makes this program great - you can lead it. Whether your health education comes from your favorite drama on TV or a PhD from Harvard, doesn’t matter. A physician, PhD nutritionist, and behavior change expert back your word-for-word facilitator script. All you have to do is read it.

You won’t have to come up with lesson plans, or topics to cover, or ideas of how to keep your group motivated. In fact, your Facilitator Workbook even has reminder emails drafted out for you to send before meetings, and comes complete with moving forward steps your members can choose to take between sessions.

Want a better idea of what to expect? Check out Session 2 of the Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook in the group program Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?

The Basics

Who it’s for
Anyone wanting to lose weight or improve the way they eat.

The Setting
Small or large groups.

The format
8 weekly one-hour sessions.

Who runs it
You. Really. We’ve made it easy.

Getting a Program Started

If you’re excited about starting a group program, but are unsure where you could find your members, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Your Neighbors
  • Your Colleagues
  • Your Patients

Your first step to getting a program started is to order a Facilitator Kit. You will receive a letter in your kit outlining facilitator resources to help you with your program like:

  • How to get your program started
  • Being a Full Plate Living Facilitator  101
  • Easy marketing resources available to you
  • Approaches and best practices facilitating a program 

Order Materials


Facilitator Training and Marketing Materials