Program Demo: New Skills Take Time to Become Habits

Video Transcript

Do something with me. It’s probably something you’ve done hundreds – probably thousands – of times before. You won’t even have to think about how to do it. Fold your hands together, with your fingers interlaced.

(Diana demonstrates)

Notice which of your thumbs is on top. Now try folding your hands in such a way that the other thumb is on top.

(Diana demonstrates)

Can you feel the difference? Kinda strange...awkward...maybe weird? Try this one now: cross your arms in front of your chest.

(Diana demonstrates)

Notice which of your arms is on top.

Now let’s switch them.

(Diana demonstrates)

Same just doesn’t feel right.

How we fold our hands and arms is a habit – we’ve done it so many times the same way that making a change takes deliberate thought.

Habits are shortcuts – they let us do things we’ve done before without having to stop and think about it. But habits can work against us. All of us have eating habits, some of which don’t help us lose weight. Maybe it’s what we eat, or how much we eat, or maybe it’s how often we eat.

Making a change to an eating habit will require thought and effort...and won’t feel natural at first.

What’s an eating habit you’ve formed that hurts your weight loss efforts? Perhaps you’re in the habit of grabbing a snack cake when you stop to get gas. Or maybe you stop by the donut shop on your way to work. Or maybe you drink a sugar- laden soda at break time. Whatever it is for you, take a minute to jot it down in the comments field below.

What habit has kept you from attaining your weight loss goals in the past?

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Are you eating enough to lose weight?

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