Welcome to Full Plate Living

Lifestyle Center of America is now Full Plate Living. You’ll notice that over the last few years we’ve gone through some big changes:

  1. We’re more approachable. You no longer have to come to Oklahoma to learn how to improve your health. We’ve intentionally created programs you can do from the comfort of your office or home, on the mobile device in your hand. Our products are also priced in a way that allows us to help more people than ever before.
  2. We’ve widened our lens. We’re still helping people improve their health by teaching them how to make better lifestyle changes. But we’re reaching out sooner, by helping people lose weight BEFORE chronic diseases (like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension) come into play.

Feel free to poke around and check out our growing resources.

If you’re looking for a residential lifestyle change program, contact the St. Helena Center for Health .

If you’d like to book our old facility for a retreat, contact the new owners by calling (580) 276-8895.

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