Who We Are And Why We Care

If you’re looking for a positive, sustainable approach to weight loss, you’re in the right place

Full Plate Living is a non-profit organization with a simple mission: to encourage, educate, support and inspire anyone who desires to live a healthier lifestyle.

We believe anyone in any situation can do something that will affect their health positively. Even the smallest actions can lead you down a healthier path.

We believe living healthy doesn’t mean eating food you despise, starving yourself, or spending endless time at the gym. Nor do we believe in gimmicky diets or too good to be true lose-weight-fast pills or supplements.

We believe a healthy lifestyle can be achieved through practical, straightforward steps

Our team is passionate about staying on top of the latest health research to find ways to translate that knowledge into actions that anyone can take to make one healthy decision one meal, one day at a time.

Full Plate Living isn’t just about losing weight, or keeping it off, it is about helping you live a healthy lifestyle that is fun, feels great, and most importantly, is sustainable for the remainder of your life.

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Our team is made up of people just like you

We are not gym buffs, extreme dieters, or fitness nerds. Instead we are regular people committed to simple healthy living. We have struggled with our own eating and health issues and the advice we share is the advice we need and want as we work towards living a fuller more healthy lifestyle for ourselves. Meet our team.

Other diet and weight loss organizations are focused on selling their own exclusive methods and products and most of them are designed for short term weight loss with little thought towards long term sustainability.

Full Plate Living traces its roots to a foundation established by Dr. Otey Johnson. Dr. Johnson wanted to empower people everywhere to live healthier lives, and before he passed away in 1984, he created a foundation to fulfill this mission. Over the years, the foundation – Ardmore Institute of Health, has spearheaded a number of initiatives, including Full Plate Living, that exists to nurture a tribe of people who are eating their way to health and vitality.

How we can help you go further faster on your weight loss journey

In 2010 we released our New York Times bestselling book The Full Plate Diet.

Since then we’ve developed an array of weight loss resources that include:

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  • The Full Plate Quick Start Guide
  • Online courses including:
    • Our flagship program, Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?
    • A special course for people with type 2 diabetes

We also make our courses available to companies that want to offer their employees access to our tools and courses.

But what keeps us coming to work in the morning is hearing from our clients, customers, and readers who tell us how Full Plate Living is having an impact on their lives.

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Our Team

We're a passionate group driven to improve the health and vitality of people to live more meaningful lives.
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