Full Plate Quick Start Guide

Full Plate Living is about small steps that lead to big victories.

This guide will script the critical moves you’ll need to make in order to lose weight, boost your energy and reclaim your life.

The goal of this guide is to help you score some quick victories. Even the smallest win builds momentum. And momentum breeds confidence for the road ahead.

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Here’s what to expect

  • Today we’ll share the Full Plate basics, complete with picture examples.
  • We’ll also show you how you can order Full Plate friendly meals at any restaurant, since we often eat on the go.
  • And we’ll encourage you to take the Apple Challenge. It’s a simple and fun way to learn how Full Plate works and a smart step towards your first victory.
  • Tomorrow and over the next week, we’ll email you a series of daily readings, a helpful, bite sized activity or a useful worksheet so you won’t have to wonder, “what do I do next?”

Your victory this week might be:

  • Adding a side of broccoli to your restaurant order without your friends asking if you’re dieting.
  • A spark of confidence from completing the Apple Challenge
  • Finishing your custom Top 10 Go-To-List of favorite high fiber foods
  • Losing your first pound and understanding how you did it

No matter what your quick win turns out to be this week, we’re glad you’re here!

Let’s get started.


The Full Plate basics - how to lose weight without dieting

High fiber foods are deliciously powerful. They’re low in calories, which will have you digging smaller clothes out of the closet sooner than you thought.

Watch what high fiber foods do to the calories in this meal.

A typical lasagna dinner plate

A typical lasagna plate has 1078 calories and 6g of fiber.


But adding more fiber foods to that plate reduces the calories to 550 and ups fiber to 16g.

Broccoli, zucchini, squash, and bell peppers are all high fiber foods. In fact, foods high in fiber fit in these categories: beans, veggies, fruits, and cooked whole grains.

When you eat these foods first, you feel full faster and stay full longer.

Studies1 show that eating an apple or pear at the beginning of your meal will help you consume up to 223 less calories during the meal. Try this out for yourself by taking the “Apple Challenge,” below.

And just in case you’re wondering, when you add a high fiber food to your meal, we call it “Powering Up.”


Learn how to turn every meal into a weight loss meal

The lasagna plate was just one example of how adding high fiber foods helps you eat more food for less calories. Here are 3 more examples:

Powering Up helped Joe Hamilton get started on his weight loss journey. After a few dinners with our team members, Joe was intrigued by what we were saying about fiber. He asked a few questions, got the basic idea - eat more fiber, drink more water, stop eating when you no longer feel hungry - and lost 90 lbs in 14 months. Joe dropped from a plump 280 to a movie star 190. Watch Joe’s story:


Power Up tips you can try at any restaurant

You can be confident your next restaurant meal will be healthier when you Power Up.

Here are five Power Up examples you can try anytime you’re eating out:

We also have a whole list of tips for eating out .

We’ll follow up tomorrow with some popular high fiber foods that you’ll definitely want to eat more of.


Start losing weight with the apple challenge

The key idea behind the Full Plate approach is to eat more high fiber foods and to eat them first at each meal.

You’ll feel more confident, more in control because you won’t be depending on restrictions, hunger and expensive diet foods to lose weight.

Let’s do a simple test so you can experience the concept in a fun way.

Take the apple challenge

  • Eat a whole apple before your next 3 meals.
  • Stop eating your meal when you no longer feel hungry.
The Full Plate Apple Challenge - Eat a whole apple before your next 3 meals. Stop eating your meal when you no longer feel hungry.

Just by eating an apple first before you eat the rest of your meal, you’ll feel satisfied sooner and you’ll eat fewer calories because the fiber in the apple leaves less room for the remaining high calorie, low fiber foods.

If you’re adventurous and do the apple challenge for 1 to 2 weeks in a row, you’ll likely lose a pound or two. Many people add an apple or a pear to each meal as their first step on their Full Plate weight loss journey.

Start your apple challenge today!


The Quick Start Email Schedule

Tomorrow You'll get a checklist featuring The Top 10 High Fiber Foods for Beginners.
Day #2 We’ll help you customize your very own top 10 list of favorite high fiber foods.
Day #3You know water is good for you. Discover how much you’ll want to drink to lose weight
Day #4Learn the type of exercise that is the best for beginners.
Day #5Download your copy of The Full Plate Shopping List for Beginners to use on your next grocery-shopping trip.
Day #6Download The 3 Basics of Full Plate Weight Loss and stick it on your fridge so you’ll have a visual reminder.
Day #7 Take the readiness assessment by downloading chapter 3 of our book, The Full Plate Diet to see if you’re ready to lose weight. We’ll also give details on our flagship online course that begins in February.


Who we are and why we care

Who we are and why we care

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